Mimio Update Extends Collaborate Feature to Every Student


The latest Mimio update is the update we’ve been waiting for! This Mimio update extends the Collaborate feature to every student (up to 50). With the latest software update  – MimioStudio 11.3 – working in conjunction with the latest app update – MimioMobile 3 – on each student device, teachers now have the option of […]

A Computer Teacher’s Thoughts on Learning.com


As a company, we are always on the lookout for interesting products and technologies that we feel can make a positive impact on student learning. This fall, we were introduced to a company called Learning.com and were immediately intrigued by the solutions they offer. ET Team Member Cathy Frank and I were lucky enough to […]

Livescribe News: Sky Wifi Smartpen and Fixing OLED Display Issues


There’s been two new happenings on the Livescribe front recently that we wanted to make sure we shared with our customers and readers. Sky Wifi Smartpen Being Discontinued We found out this week that the Sky wifi smartpen line is being discontinued completely as of April 30th. We already, as of last week, have absolutely […]

HoverCam Software: Which One Do I Need?


The HoverCam Solo 8 actually uses multiple software programs – Flex 10, FlexView and FlexCap – and choosing the right one is dependent upon your operating system and the user intent.  The notes below might give you a better understanding of the available HoverCam software and which of these you will want to install on […]

GradeCam 3 Gets More New Updates


GradeCam just keeps pulling rabbits out of their hat and amazing us with incredible updates to their already exceptional product!  Here’s more that were added to GradeCam 3 last week… 1.  GradeCam released Gridded Responses to GradeCam 3. You will be able to now enter numeric responses.  You can access gridded responses when determining what […]

Are You Incorporating Technology Into Your Early Childhood Education Program?


We were so happy to read the blog post last week by Mimio,  Harmony Early Childhood Center Proves It: Technology Benefits Students – No Matter What Age, recognizing Harmony Early Childhood Center in Olathe, Kansas, as well as teachers Kim Buenger and Paige Moran and the amazing things they have done with MimioMobile. You might […]

Our Favorite Aspects of the MimioBoard Touch Board


If you haven’t heard already, Mimio announced a new addition to their interactive whiteboard line a couple of weeks ago – the MimioBoard™ touch board.  This new board is super cool and we are looking forward to getting one to have onsite in our ET Training Facility.  ET Team Members Dustin, Jen, and Mike got […]

The Livescribe Smartpen: Helping Students with ADHD


October is ADHD Awareness Month and we wanted to bring to light an incredible assistive technology tool for helping students with ADHD in the classroom – the Livescribe smartpen. We’ve shared the quote above at many Livescribe trainings, and although we’re not sure of the original source, it describes the smartpen in the classroom perfectly. […]

Face Your Fears and Model the Courage to Try

face your fear

Tomorrow, October 14th, is Face Your Fears Day, a great day for educators to reflect on how we can use facing our own fears in the classroom to be a model of courage for our students. Incorporating new ideas, techniques and technologies in the classroom is difficult for many educators simply because of fear – […]